We often get asked many questions before, during or after a consultation. This information is to help answer any questions you might have before booking or simply to help decide if a Myotherapy/Osteopathy consultation is for you. It’s super important that you feel comfortable with the healthcare professional you are considering putting your trust in. There is a lot of info on this page but if there is anything you need clarification on or a question you have that hasn’t been answered, please reach out to Jamie on 0417667267 🙂

I don’t think I’m an ‘athlete’…can I still book an appointment?

YES!!! This is the number 1 reason we hear for people either not booking or delaying booking an appointment. Seriously, no matter who you are or what you do you can always book an appointment at AIM! The athlete stuff simply means we primarily work with people involved in high level sport. We treat everyone exactly the same, which more often than not means you’re in for some pain…in a good way! An example is an individual who has just started running but doesn’t think they are an athlete. Your body is going to be dealing with some things that you might have no clue what to do about – this is the perfect reason to book an appointment. You don’t have to be breaking World Records or running marathons. Simply wanting to be healthier, running more or starting a new exercise routine is amazing and we love helping people start their journey.

Where is the location?

Our location is 209 Scoresby Road, Boronia. Car parking is easily accessible at the top end of the shopfronts.

Do I need a doctors referral for a Myotherapy appointment?

Nope, you can simply book and rock up. However, it is becoming increasingly common that GP’s are referring to Myotherapists and Osteopaths for musculoskeletal pain/dysfunction cases.

What’s the difference between Myotherapy and Osteopathy, Physio, Chiro etc?

This question can be very difficult to answer. Generally it’s the actual practitioner and not so much their ‘title’. As the ‘Allied Health’ industry grows, so does the research into the techniques that may or may not be effective. We often find overlap in these particular treatment techniques between the various fields. Some practitioners spend more time on assessment and less time treating, some use dry-needling lots and some love gentle massage. We always suggest focusing on finding a practitioner that has your best interests genuinely at heart, who is passionate about what they do and who gets you RESULTS you want. Someone who you actually enjoy spending the time with is a bonus. Simple referrals are usually the best way to find a good practitioner, or call the clinic and ask questions!

Can I claim via Private Health?

Yes you can claim Private Health for all of our consultations, however you have to confirm you have ‘extras’ cover that includes Myotherapy/Osteopathy/Remedial Massage. We offer HICAPS at the clinic for on the spot rebates. If you are unsure about private health, get in contact with us and we can help you understand your options.

What are your prices?

Our prices can be found on the services page. Our mission is to keep prices as low as possible so YOU don’t have as much financial pressure if you require multiple sessions. The honest truth is if we could do what we do for FREE we would! We also offer ‘maintenance packages’ for those who know they require multiple sessions- for example in the leadup to a big event.

Can you help me with this issue?

Well it depends! We will have a decent crack at helping you with your issue, but there are some things we can’t help with. For example, we can’t help your singing voice, but if you have a sore Achilles tendon we would back our approach in. One of our principles is that if you book in with AIM for something specific and we can’t help you create a positive change within 2-3 sessions, we refer you on. This is to simply save you time and money. In those 2-3 sessions you can guarantee if we find something doesn’t work or help, we won’t be doing that again. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is crazy…we see too many people who have been to x practitioner getting the same heat-pack or ultrasound or gentle 5 minute massage on the same issue for weeks and weeks. That really annoys us in particular because it has happened to us many times!!

Do I have to come back weekly?

Hopefully not, but it also depends on you and your goals! If you are an Olympic level athlete or have a national comp coming up in 3 months you may want to book in for weekly treatments which is probably smart. However, if you have an issue we will discuss the prognosis of how much we need to see each other. This might be as simple as a one off session to educate you on what specific exercises you can do to fix your issue completely. But we RARELY say come back within the same week or next week unless we believe it would be best for you. We genuinely want to help you to not have to rely on treatment and to take control of everything yourself!

What do I wear?

Clothes that you feel comfortable in and can move in. Ideally shorts and a tee shirt/jumper. There is usually a degree of undress to work on things such as necks and quads but if you’re not comfortable then we can easily work around this. Please remember to wear underwear though, seriously.

Does dry-needling hurt?

It depends. Dry-needling is mostly described as weird as opposed to painful. Generally when you’re using the best quality needles on the market (Red Coral Myotech) you almost can’t feel the needle penetrating the skin. The ‘weird’ part is when there is a small muscle twitch. Post needling, it is often described as moderate DOMS, just like you’ve done a tough workout.

Dry-needling is simply another technique that can be used to release muscle tension or create neural desensitization, your pathology will dictate whether needling is indicated as something we can use. If you are super scared of needling we can definitely avoid it and use other techniques to achieve a similar result. But it is always beneficial to be open minded about particular treatment techniques that could help you feel better.

On a side note; Jamie in particular loves needling!! When he first had it done on his calves he struggled to walk for a day, but the relief afterwards was like nothing he had experienced before.

Anything we missed?

If you have a question that I have missed or specific questions about your condition and whether I could help, please reach out to Jamie on 0417667267 or email Jamie@aimrecovery.com