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We offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet the needs of our athletes and general clientele. We are always staying up to date with research and the latest in elite recovery products.

NOTE: As of 1st May, 2018 there will be a small price rise for myotherapy treatments to continue ANF discs and increasing costs of consumables and utilities.

About Us

Athlete Injury Management (AIM) is a sport specific myotherapy clinical practice specialising in injury prevention and recovery for athletes. Despite the large focus on helping athletes feel and perform at their best, AIM is passionate about ensuring everyone is catered for. It doesn't matter if sport is a major factor in your life or if pain and dysfunction arises from everyday activities, AIM will provide you with a high quality treatment to relieve the cause of your discomfort. AIM utilises a holistic treatment approach to assess and treat clients for any condition with ample treatment options. Furthermore, AIM gives clients access to elite compression systems to aid in recovery from sport or activities of daily living.

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Why Choose AIM

Holistic Treatment
At AIM we take a holistic approach to health and fitness
Utmost desire to help you achieve optimal health
Recovery Lounge
We give you access to elite level recovery technology
Affordable pricing structure with student rates available
We are experienced both clinically and with elite sporting teams
The most important aspect of treatment is time
We treat every individual as though they
are an elite level athlete.



Athlete Sponsorship

We understand how difficult it can be to maintain all aspects of competing in your sport. From simply buying equipment to nutrition, there is so much that goes into being an athlete that most do not understand. Besides finding the time for training and competition outside of our busy lives, it is often the financial burden of sport that hits us the hardest. When we are restricted financially (or sometimes for time) we often have to sacrifice some aspects of sport. Due to taking up both time and money, most athletes can often overlook recovery. The intention of athlete sponsorship is to take the financial burden off athletes, create relationships and improve sport performance.

At AIM, we are always looking for inspirational athletes to sponsor. The main criteria for athlete sponsorship is simply passion and YOUR story - ability, age or performance is irrelevant. If you are passionate about what you do and have a unique WHY, this sponsorship may be for you. Sponsorship with AIM involves a FREE monthly myotherapy treatment + Recovery Boots session. Sponsorship duration will be dependent on the athletes sport and goals. There is also the ability to earn credits to use for further treatments via promotion, social media posts and referrals.

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