Skye Meredith

Clinical Myotherapist

Skye Meredith



Skye grew up running cross country and doing Little Aths. Having no talent with ball sports (like she naturally stuck with running. What went from ‘never more than marathon’ ended in 100km mountain events, running in Europe and NZ. Skye loves the mountains, adventures and all the things that come with being an endurance athlete...type two fun! After ongoing lower limb injuries started to impact her ability to race, she became frustrated with the lack of professionals that treat you as a human above just an injury. Her ankle injuries have led to surgery and subsequent rehab leading to a keen interest in the lower limb, biomechanics and the role strength and conditioning has in endurance athletes.


Experience & Education


Skye has worked in elite sporting teams (Melbourne Storm, Melbourne Demons) and in private practice as a remedial massage therapist while completing her Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy). Skye is a qualified run coach (level 2) and looking to do a postgraduate qualification in Strength and Conditioning soon…she’s a big nerd and wants to be Dr Skye one day.




Skye has a passion for the human body, movement and making hefty goals. Her aim is getting people back to what’s important, achieving big goals and supporting them for the wild ride. After her own struggles with injury, she understands the frustrations and wants to motivate the people she treats to be their best.

Myotherapy with Skye

Skye Meredith is a myotherapist with a strong interest in working with runners, especially those who love trail running. With a solid grasp of the mechanics involved in running and trail running, Skye takes a practical approach to address and prevent lower limb injuries. She leverages her knowledge and experience, using advanced myotherapy techniques, personalized exercises, and care plans to enhance performance and overall well-being.

What makes Skye stand out is not just her technical skills but also her genuine passion for the sport and the people she works with. Skye is commited to empowering runners to overcome challenges, achieve peak performance, and manage lower limb injuries with resilience. Clients can expect a collaborative journey toward improved running performance and injury recovery with a personalized approach that ensures each treatment plan is tailored to the individual's specific needs.

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner, a passionate trail runner, or someone dealing with lower limb injuries, Skye is here to support you in your journey towards recovery, strength, and optimal performance.