Why Corporate Myotherapy?

Corporate employees often work from 9-5pm and then have life commitments afterward, leaving limited time to get those physical or emotional work niggles sorted. Having the option of getting myotherapy treatment during work hours can be a huge positive for an employee. What happens when we can rejuvenate an employee and take away a headache or their muscle stiffness/pain? A huge benefit to the company that may include decreased workplace overuse injury risk, promotion of staff physical/mental health, improved staff productivity and overall morale, decreased staff stress levels and reduced absenteeism.

How does it work?

We offer sessional Myotherapy for corporate clients where employees have the opportunity to book a 30 minute myotherapy consultation during work hours. The session is in a separate room away from the rigors of the office and on a massage table with all equipment being supplied by us. Sessions can be a one-off, quarterly, monthly or fortnightly depending on the company/employee needs.


Payment for corporate myotherapy can be either ‘company pays’ or ‘user pays’. Simply, if a company is not willing to pay but allows the service within the workplace, employees can pay out of their own pocket. EFTPOS facilitates are always available for easy payment and employees can claim myotherapy with private health rebates.


All Corporate myotherapy programs can be customised to suit the individual company! Contact us to discuss your companies/employees specific needs!