Jasmine Rowe

Sports Massage Therapist

Jasmine Rowe


Since the age of 5, Jas has been competing in athletics, specialising in 400m hurdles. Athletics was one of many sports, with Jassy trying all different sports both in and out of school. Jas has been state champion in 400m hurdles as a junior and has competed at numerous National Athletics competitions with a best achievement of 4th in Australia. During hurdle training, Jas unfortunately fell, breaking her radius and dislocating her ulna. This setback came simultaneously with a back and glute injury which were beyond frustrating for Jas when she was in such great shape. The injuries that Jas has had to deal with over the past few years fuels her motivation to help other athletes with their performance, as well as understanding the potential mechanisms for injury and how to prevent them. Jas has recently returned to consistent training and is loving being back involved in athletics.

Experience & Education

Jas has recently graduated from MIMT with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. During her studies, Jas has had experience working in sporting environments such as Rowville Hawks AFLW and has treated many elite athletes including World Junior Representatives and Olympians. Due to her previous experience in athletics, Jas enjoys treating the active community through sports massage techniques and soft tissue manipulation.


Jas has immense passion for athletics and helping all athletes perform at their best. Stemming from a relatable place of dealing with her own injuries, Jas has developed a fascination with the human body and how it can heal and return to its full potential. Jas has always had a positive experience from treatment and can appreciate the effect it can have on performance. Being a part of someone's journey is so rewarding and it allows Jas to continue to be involved in the athletics/sporting world.