Dr Jordon Smith


Dr Jordon Smith


Throughout Jordon's life he has been involved with many different sports such as footy, basketball, karate and swimming. Jordon has experienced many different injuries through sport or everyday living and has grown a fond appreciation for how the body works and assisting people in pain. Having personally dealt with debilitating back pain that lasted a year, Jordon is able to empathise with others and their experiences. Outside of the clinic Jordon is a competitive powerlifter who doesn't mind having variety in training with sprinting and endurance training at the track.


Experience & Education

Jordon graduated from RMIT in 2021 with a double degree in Health Science & Applied Science (Osteopathy). Since then he has been involved in multiple clinics, sporting clubs and facilities cultivating an extensive background in strength & conditioning. His keen interest involves pre and post operative management of lower limb injuries. Jordon has worked with multiple ACL injuries for early stage rehab as well as return to sport. He believes the best path involves an active approach, and requires a well structured training program that prepares you for your sports demands or even just the activities of everyday living



Jordon has experienced the very lows of healthcare from a patient's perspective and understands the frustration of not being heard. Paired with his keen interest in human movement and communication, he wants to help raise the standard of care that is delivered.