We are always looking for inspirational athletes to sponsor. The main criteria for athlete sponsorship is simply passion and YOUR story - ability, age or performance is irrelevant. If you are passionate about what you do and have a unique WHY, this sponsorship may be for you. Sponsorship with AIM involves a FREE myotherapy treatment + Recovery Boots session per month. Sponsorship duration will be dependent on the athletes sport and goals. There is also the ability to earn credits to use for further treatments via promotion, social media posts and referrals.

Final sponsorship is decided by AIM after an interview. Once notified of sponsorship, it is the athletes responsibility to book an appointment. AIM will try to accommodate each sponsored athletes treatment request, however it may not be possible to get your preferred date or time. AIM will directly communicate with you to ensure you receive an appointment at the earliest convenience. You can contact AIM directly with any questions regarding sponsorship.