About AIM

Athlete Injury Management (AIM) is a Myotherapy and Sports Recovery clinic specialising in injury prevention and recovery for athletes. Despite the large focus on helping athletes feel and perform at their best, AIM is passionate about ensuring everyone is catered for. It doesn't matter if sport is a major factor in your life or if pain and dysfunction arises from everyday activities, we will passionately provide you with a high quality treatment to relieve pain and restore function. Directed by Jamie Stratton, AIM is based on the principle that any individual deserves quality treatment, no matter the sport played or ability level.

About Jamie Stratton

My Background

Coming from a background of elite sport (particularly athletics), I have always had an interest in the capabilities of our bodies, sport psychology and how to get the most out of ourselves. After competing at the national level in Long Jump over 2 seasons, I agonisingly fell 9cm short of the Commonwealth Games qualifying standard. What was lacking in my preparation? Recovery! Over this period of competing I had limited quality treatment which 100% impacted my ability to perform at an elite level consistently. At the end of the 2015 domestic season I decided to create what I lacked, a business that catered for athletes of any level and give them my time and experience. Athletes like myself who can't afford weekly/fortnightly treatments, who get frustrated receiving ineffective treatment or don't understand the importance of recovery on performance. My passion stems from frustration with poor healthcare, getting so close to the pinnacle of athletics and from having niggles stop me from competing at my best. I am dedicated to giving my time to those athletes and everyday people who are motivated to better their best and to strive to keep aiming high!

I have had many years experience working in elite sporting clubs including the Richmond Football Club plus Melbourne Storm as well as 5 years of clinical experience. I also have an extensive educational background- completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy). My sporting background plays a huge part in the way I treat as well as my past experience- I take the time to listen, feel and understand your needs. I love helping athletes perform to achieve a PB and I can honestly say that I am so lucky to do what I do!