Our Mission

We AIM to enhance recovery, prevent injuries and improve sport performance by providing consistently exceptional treatment and giving ANYONE access to the latest in elite recovery technology.

Our Story

Our beginning started with Jamie operating AIM out of a renovated studio space, and has since grown into a multi-modality clinic space within the 'Move Studios' in Kilsyth South.

AIM Sports Recovery is a Holistic Health and Sports Recovery clinic specialising in injury prevention and recovery for athletes. Despite our large focus on helping athletes feel and perform at their best, we are passionate about ensuring everyone is catered for. It doesn't matter if sport is a major factor in your life or if pain and dysfunction arises from everyday activities, we will endeavour to provide you with a thorough assessment, high quality treatment and rehabilitation exercises to relieve pain and restore function. AIM is based on the principle that any individual deserves quality treatment, no matter the sport played or ability level.

Our Team

We firmly believe that it is not the 'title' of a therapist that matters, it is how they 'treat' you! This is why each member of our team is passionate and has a background in sport. This ensures your therapist actually understands the need for excellence in treatment and how important your goals are.



Jamie Stratton


From as early as 5 years old, Jamie has been involved in almost every sport you can think of. Having a background in elite sport (particularly athletics), Jamie has always had an interest in the capabilities of our bodies, sport psychology and how to get the most out of ourselves. After competing at the national level in Long Jump over 2 seasons, Jamie agonisingly fell 9cm short of the Commonwealth Games qualifying standard. What was lacking in his preparation? Recovery! Over this period of competing, Jamie received limited quality treatment which impacted his ability to perform at an elite level consistently. At the end of the 2015 domestic athletics season, Jamie decided to create what he lacked, a business that catered for athletes of any level and give them his time and experience to help them achieve their goals. Jamie's vision is to give back to the athletes, like himself, who struggle to afford weekly/fortnightly treatments, who get frustrated receiving ineffective treatment or don't understand the importance of recovery for performance.

Experience + Education

Jamie has had over 4 years experience working in elite sporting clubs including several years at the Richmond Football Club plus Melbourne Storm Rugby Club, as well as over 6 years of clinical experience. Jamie works closely with many elite athletes, including Olympians and Australian representatives. Jamie also has an extensive educational background- completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy) over a 6 year period. Through his experience treating athletes, Jamie likes to take a no BS approach to healthcare! His sporting background plays a huge part in the way he treats, as well as his past experiences.


Jamie's immense passion stems from his frustration with poor healthcare, getting so close to the pinnacle of athletics and from having niggles stop him competing at his best. Jamie is dedicated to giving his time to those athletes and everyday people who are motivated to better their best and to strive to keep aiming high!



Dr Bianca Scurry


Being very sport orientated as a child, Bianca has always had a deep fascination with the human body. She became interested in Osteopathy after struggling with injuries during her fighting career. Having an obsession with pushing her body to the limits, Bianca found she was having to seek out high quality health professionals to help manage her as an athlete rather than just for her injuries. This ignited her passion for Osteopathy and sports rehabilitation.  Bianca still currently competes in elite level Taekwondo, with an impressive list of achievements including;

  • Multiple Australian National Gold medallist (>46kg category and >49kg category).
  • Australian Representative at numerous International competitions (US Open, Belgium Open, Dutch Open, Spanish Open and German Open).
  • Bronze Medal Oceania Selections 2019.
  • Gold Medal 2019 Korean Cultural Open.

Bianca is looking forward to the challenge of juggling work as an Osteopath and Taekwondo Coach with training to reach her goal of fighting at the World Championships.

Experience + Education

Bianca graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Clinical Science (Osteopathy) and has worked in private practice for two years. Over this time Bianca has also undertaken further study including:

  • Lyn Watson Shoulder lvl 1 Protocol.
  • Advanced Dry Needling Manual Medicine Level 1
  • Qualified Sports Trainer
Bianca has also had many years’ experience working in elite sporting environments such as Hawthorn VFLW while also treating a variety of Olympic athletes. Through this experience and history in elite sport, Bianca enjoys treating the active community with Osteopathic techniques such as mobilisation, soft tissue work and manipulation. Bianca also heavily values treating holistically, incorporating functional movement, mentality and strength-based rehab into her sessions. She encourages patients to be actively involved in the rehabilitation process not just for recovery but to then support performance.


After being an elite Taekwondo athlete over a long period of time (and still currently competing), Bianca valued practitioners that would manage her as a person – someone who would take into account not only the physical (injury) but also the psychological impact and nutritional impact on performance. Becoming an Osteopath was all about becoming a Practitioner Bianca would want to see; someone who recognises the body as a whole and take into consideration the multitude of factors that can impact overall health and athletic performance.



ZIG ABOUTTherapy Dog

Ziggy the Groodle


Ziggy is a new addition to the AIM team in 2020. He is a F1b Groodle and has a very friendly and cheeky temperament. You may be lucky enough to see him in the clinic, however if you do not like dogs please leave a 'note' when booking.

Education + Experience

Very limited experience but is well educated, Ziggy can perform many tricks for the right type of treat.


Because dogs are the best and Ziggy can help you relax when you are getting a potentially painful treatment.

"Woof Woof Woof"


Therapy Dog

Pablo the Mini Dachshund


Pablo is another one of our therapy dogs at AIM. He is a Mini Dachshund who just wants cuddles...even during a treatment. You may be lucky enough to see him in the clinic when booking for an Osteopathy Consultation, however if you do not like dogs please leave a 'note' when booking.

Education + Experience

Pablo is well educated and will improve his ability to hold his bladder in the future.


Because dogs are the best and Pablo will also help you relax when you are getting a potentially painful treatment.

"Ruff Ruff Ruff"